1. Website: The Vegan Stoner

    So recently, I have become possessed by Julia Child. Although most of what I make is barely edible…I’m getting better. I don’t really remember how I found this website, but the Vegan Stoner makes looking at recipes much more fun than those meant for 40-year-old housewives who have been cooking for years. The best part? CARTOON-LIKE PICTURES (like the one at the bottom). While I am not a vegan, I am a vegetarian. This makes it hard to find recipes not consisting of potatoes and cheese only. With this website it’s easy for me to take the vegan aspects that I don’t usually consume with ones typically found in a grocery store. For example, in the recipe below the recipe calls for vegan margarine, but I would use regular butter. Because there is a very large number of illustrated recipes, there is something for everyone. Don’t let this gem remain uncovered, go make something!

    Link: www.theveganstoner.com

  2. Website: The Fluffington Post

    By using a play on words, the internet has created a much cuter version of a popular news website. The Fluffington Post categorizes cute animals into six categories: puppies, kittens, birdies, bunnies, rodentia and menagerie. Within each of these categories is a picture of a cute animal and a faux news story. For example, this news story concerning two puppies: 

    Puppy Secrets Cause Playground Rift

    According to sources close to the situation, a secret told in confidence on Friday morning had spread through the entire puppy playground by mid-afternoon.  The two pups who initially instigated the secret telling are reportedly no longer on speaking terms.

    “Rrrrow gruff, ruff aroo!” said one of the dogs involved, on the condition of anonymity.

    Although these stories may seem silly, it is a concept everyone can enjoy. 

    Bonus: there is is a “Petflix” section with gems like the video below. 


    Link to website: www.thefluffingtonpost.com

  3. Website: Polyvore.com

    Watch out Pinterest, I predict a new website will take over in a matter of months. Polyvore, a website dedicated to the creation of fashion mash-ups (think of a scrapbook), has already infiltrated the bookmarking website through polyvore ‘sets’ being ‘liked’ or ‘reposted’ numerous times already. While geered primarily for females, the fashion website is quite an accomplishment. Before I discovered this website, I was obsessed with Pinterest. While I still frequent my former love, polyvore has captured my attention. Rather than mindlessly scrolling through recipes and cat pictures, polyvore offers a creative outlet to those interested in fashion. The best part, is that it is extremely easy to operate. All you need to do is create an account, it can link to facebook or twitter, and press ‘create’. After that, simply select a background template to add your clothing items to, and start searching for the designers you are most obsessed with. But be warned, this website is addicting. 

    Link: www.polyvore.com

  4. Journalist: Nardwuar the Human Serviette

    His name is ridiculous. His outfit is ridiculous. But that strange Canadian middle-aged man in plaid pants and a plaid beret produces some of the most entertaining interviews I have ever seen. His journalistic approach to questioning celebrities is one of a kind., which may be why he has interviewed basically every musician ever. While the interviewee goes into the meeting thinking it is going to be another run of the mill interview, Nardwuar changes everything. While he is still interested in getting the scoop like any other entertainment journalist, he makes the interview much more personal, and not in a sappy-cliche-father-issues-type-of-way. Rather, Nardwuar is known for "knowing more about the celebrity than they know about themselves." Because of this, he is known for his gifts. An example of this is during his interview with Odd Future (posted below), a rap ensemble led by Tyler the Creator that prides themselves on being anything but mainstream. Nardwuar found out that Tyler had a secret obsession with bacon, and therefore gave him the gift of bacon-scented soap in addition to multiple albums the band never said they were obsessed with, but secretly always have been. Since Nardwuar began his career interviewing heavy-metal bands in the 80s, he is accustomed to hostility. However, his energetic and excited personality is extremely infectious. Plus, the man knows how to do a sign-off right; just check out his commitment to not moving. And i dare you to not have his entering credits theme song stuck in your head for the remainder of the day. 

    Doot DooLa Doot Doo…Doot Do!

    Interview with Odd Future at SXSW 2011(WARNING: Odd Future curses quite often, it’s basically a rule):

  5. Album: WZRD

    I rarely buy CDs anymore. When I do buy music, it’s almost always digitally from iTunes. However, as my car continues on it’s path of falling apart, it now only wants to play CDs. This has caused me to go into a CD burning frenzy. However, there are some CDs I would buy regardless, just to have a hard copy of. An example of this would be one of my favorite artists, and the headliner of the best concert I have ever been to: Kid Cudi. On Tuesday, I spent about an hour looking all over Austin, Tx for his new album, WZRD. I first visited Target, my go-to, and then Wal-Mart and Best Buy. No one carried this CD, and I couldn’t understand why until I went onto his Twitter account. WZRD is not a solo album, but a collaboration Kid Cudi did with record producer Dot da Genius. Although both usually focus on rap music, they wanted a change and embarked on putting together an Alternative Rock album in which there was zero profanity. This was frowned upon by Cudi’s record label. Since he decided to go through with production and release to the public, the record label only released 50,000 copies nation wide. This is the reason I had to travel across town to Waterloo Records in order to procure my copy for $9.99. While WZRD did not live up to my expectations, due to all of his previous Man on the Moon CDs, it has been continuously playing in my car since I unwrapped it. Any new music from Kid Cudi is gold in my book. 

    My favorite song from the album:

  6. Movie: Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

    For college students all over America, it’s crunch time. Midterms have crept up on us, and to many of us, that means even less sleep and an extra cup of coffee or energy drink. On a typical day, I have either one Red Bull and one cup of coffee, or two cups of coffee.Recently, I have noticed that even that amount of caffeine has not been enough. I was falling asleep in class while drinking a cup of coffee.  I could not figure out what was wrong ,until I realized, my body must be used to that amount. It scared me how dependent I had become. 

     About a week ago, I came across a documentary on Netflix while looking for background noise when doing homework. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead caught my eye due to the subject matter. The documentary follows the journey of a man who is tired of being overweight and dependent on fast food and caffeine. He decided to do something about it. His answer? Juicing. Prior to the film, when I thought of juicing I pictured either hippies on a commune sitting around with their wheat grass juice and anorexic celebrities chasing the newest fad diet. However, ‘Joe the Juicer’ showed me the light. He quit eating ‘hard food’ in exchange for juicing for six months (so long that when he was re-introduced he realized he had forgotten how to chew). His message was to show the average American how easy, and delicious, juicing actually is. After watching Joe, all I could think about was how gross the food I eat actually is. In college, it’s all about convenience. This equals food that I shouldn’t be eating, at times most people are typically asleep. 

     It is because of this film that I decided to follow Joe’s lead. Although I am not going to juice for months like he did, I’m going to try it for a week. I need to press the restart button for my body. While I may not be getting any more sleep than I do now, I’m hoping the lack of grease, starch, artificial chemicals and caffeine will help me to feel better. I found a large amount of juice recipes to aid me in my quest. While I refuse to drink kale, some options actually sound pretty good. Let’s see how long I last…wish me luck!

    P.S. I’m going to try to document my week of juicing on my twitter, so follow me! (@Lizdrakee)

    Joe the Juicer on Twitter: @joethejuicer

    Movie Website: www.fatsickandnearlydead.com

    Official Movie Trailer:

  7. Trilogy: The Hunger Games

    The Hunger Games, a triolgy by Suzanne Collins, may seem to those who have not read them to be the exact same premise as the Twilight series, full of angst and bad acting. However, Collins has written something much different. While Twilight recieved criticism for having a weak heroine who was constantly dependent on a boy, the Hunger Games includes a female protagonist who is relatively emotionless. Set far in the future, when a global-warming induced event, much like that of an Ice Age, reduces the world into half the size of the United States, and calls itself Panem. Decades ago, civilians rebelled against the ‘Capitol’, the small super-rich interior city in charge, and because of this, The Hunger Games were created. Every year two children, between the ages of 12 and 18 are drawn from a bowl of names and forced to enter an arena, where joined by 22 other teens, fight to the death. Katniss Everdeen, a 16-year-old, is forced to enter a competition called The Hunger Games when her twelve-year-old sister’s name is called at a ceremony known as the Reaping. Refusing to let her sister more than likely die in the event, Katniss volunteers herself in her place. The world of Panem is broken down into 12 ‘districts’, each specializing in a skill and decreasing in wealth the higher the number. District 12, known for mining and famished civilians, is home to Katniss. The first novel follows her both prior to the Games, while she is groomed for action, and during the event itself. The character imagery is what glued me to the series. Collins does a great job of providing just enough back story to entice readers, and leaves out enough to let the characters take shape in each reader’s imagination. I read the entire series in less than three days when I was traveling this Christmas break. The books had been recommended to me a few years back, but I did not become too interested until I found out Jennifer Lawerence, an Oscar-nominee for her performance in Winter’s Bone, was cast as Katniss, and would be joined with other well known actors such as Woody Harelson, cast as the drunk and haunted mentor. The first film comes out March 22,2012, and much like Twilight I anticipate an enormous response due to the overwhelming fanbase. It seems as though the Twilight fandom has shifted it’s attention to The Hunger Games, except I think this series will leave room for those not looking for a cheesy romantic plot. 'Happy Hunger Games!'

  8. Rapper/Comedian Childish Gambino

    One of my favorite TV shows at the moment is 30 Rock. A little over a year ago I found a rapper named Childish Gambino. Unbeknownst to me, Donald Glover—Childish Gambino’s real name— is one of the main writers for the show. It was fate. Glover has also written for the Daily Show and is a star on the NBC show Community with Joel McHale. After finding a stage name through a Wu-Tang Clan name generator, Gambino released his first mix-tape in 2008. Since then, he has released 1 EP, 5 mix-tapes, and 1 studio album; my favorite being his Ep released in 2011. Since my discovery I have seen Childish Gambino live three times, and will see him for a fourth on April 4th in Austin, Tx at Stubb’s Amphitheater. His last tour, IamDonald, was half stand-up—he also is a stand-up comedian—and half music. This tour, however, is all music. I. Cannot. Wait. 

    Childish Gambino is my current obsession.

    His Blog: www.iamdonald.com

    Warning, some pictures may be NSFW.

    Fan Tumblrs:



  9. Ni**as in Paris- Jay-Z & Kanye West

  10. Theophilus LondonI Stand Alone